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Damon Braces for Crooked Teeth
Damon Braces for Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are those that aren’t aligned or grow out of place. These teeth are common in both children and adults. Infants losing their milk teeth are very likely to experience these crooked teeth. Crooked teeth or misaligned teeth are not a matter of concern in childhood as they will fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth. But for other age groups, crooked teeth are definitely a matter of concern.

Following are some of the oral health issues caused by crooked teeth:

Uneased Chewing:

Your teeth are formed in a certain shape and position as different types of teeth have different functions, so the misalignment of the tooth can cause problems in chewing different types of food items.

Digestion Problem:

Food particles that aren’t broken down properly, because of the improper alignment of teeth may cause further digestion issues. This is common with people of all age groups.


Crooked teeth are not fixed in their actual position and thus create an extra extrusion that can collide with the gums, other teeth, and the inner walls of the mouth. In some cases, like those of Canines, it can also result in excessive wear and tears, cuts in the inner wall of the mouth, along with the tongue.

Speech issues:

 In some cases, misaligned teeth can cause speech problems as teeth also play a vital part in one's vocals and syllable pronunciations, especially words containing the alphabets ‘S’ and ‘L’.


Uneven teeth look asymmetric and distorted, hence damaging the appeal of one’s smile and face.

Loss of confidence: the aforementioned issues like speech problems and uneven looks definitely do not contribute to boosting one's confidence. These are actually considered drawbacks by some in the professional fields.

Crooked teeth hence are not something to be looked over, to be ignored. They are actually small issues that can lead to major dental problems in the long run. These teeth can generate unwanted gaps where cavities can take place.  


Damon Braces are the perfect cure for crooked teeth. Damon braces are much more comfortable than conventional braces. They provide different choices as metal and clear braces options. Damon Braces apply lighter and gentler forces, are easily cleanable, unlike conventional braces. They require lesser time hence a reduced number of clinical visits. Your busy schedule remains unaffected. But something that is affected completely is your smile. Damon Braces provide outstanding comfort along with extraordinary results, making it a win-win situation for you.

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