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Damon Smile braces


Actual patients share their Damon smiles and their before and after Damon braces stories.

*Actual patients

What Patients Are Saying

“As my children were coming out of their Damon Braces they had these big, broad, beautiful smiles. And I thought, ‘Wow, I want that. I want what they've got.”

Julie A., Adult Damon Braces Patient

“You need to educate yourself on the differences between traditional braces and the Damon System, because there is a very big difference, and it can make a big, big difference on the result that you get.”

Heather M., Adult Damon Braces Patient

“It was just amazing to see the transformation and I became way more confident. It was just an amazing experience.”

Traekon C., Damon Braces Patient

“I would not be where I am today without my orthodontist and the Damon System!”

Frances C., Damon Braces Patient


“We had met many people who had used the Damon System, and their smiles were wide and beautiful. In addition, the process was a lot shorter than other orthodontists had quoted us.”

Kim D., Adult Damon Braces Patient

The opinions expressed are those of the patients themselves. Individuals should seek the advice of an orthodontist. Individual results may vary.
Teeth images have not been altered. Images courtesy of Dr. Stuart Frost.